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Microbial Electrochemistry

Durham County Cricket Club - 19th Sep 16

This event is hosted by Professor Tom Curtis and his research group from Newcastle University,  offering an excellent venue for attendees to learn about the latest research from experts in this field. Talks will be followed by a site visit to the University’s nearby pilot MEC plant and an evening dinner. There will be ample opportunities for attendees to informally formulate ideas for the AD Network’s next Proof of Concept call which will open later this year. Speakers currently include Prof Ian Head, Prof Keith Scott and Dr Eileen Yu from Newcastle University. The registration form is here or online registration can be found here. The AD Network is able to offer travel grants up to £100. Registration closes 2nd September.  Latest News & Updates For all the latest News, take a look at our news. Note that events of interest to our members are listed in the calendar below.